Offering welcome and hospitality in the day or two that seafarers are in port.



Blessing of the Bikes, Cigar Night, 

On the Saturday before Easter, the Seafarers’ Center hosts the B.J. Stelly Bike Blessing. This event is the largest motorcycle event in Southeast Texas, and raises important funds for the work of the Center.

Four times, a year, the Seafarers’ Center hosts the only Cigar Evenings between Houston and New Orleans. For the modest reservations fee, one receives three cigars, an elegant dinner prepared by Chef Carly Oubre, and the proofing of three premium select liquors.



The Seafarers’ Center offers visiting merchant mariners pool, darts, and ping pong. In addition, seafarers can watch sports on Dish Satellite TV, or play DVD’s from the Center’s library.

As a the American Merchant Marin Library Association Distribution Center, the Seafarers’ Center has thousands of books and magazines available free for seafarers to take with them to their ship.


Mass or other religious services can be peroform onboard ship when requested.


Visits to the Mall, restaurants, etc.

Port Arthur is home to many national restaurants and stores. These include Buffalo Wild Wings, Texas Road House, Chili, and Saltgrass Steak House. In addition, many wonderful ethnic restaurants are nearby. This includes, Tex-Mex, regional Mexican and Central American, Vietnamese, Italian, and Cajun.

There are great opportunities for shopping in Port Arthur. The Seafarers’ Center vans can take seafarers to Central Mall, Walmart, Target, Academy Sports, Best Buy, and Office Depot.


Hours of Operation

9:00am – 10:00pm

Noon to 9:00 pm

Call for service

Phone & fax

Phone: +001 409.982.4504
FAX:     +001 409.982.6117



401 Houston Avenue
PO Box 1646
Port Arthur TX 77641-1646

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Vaccinations for Seafarers

  • Depending on the ship's berthing facility:
  • We can bring a Medical Team to their ship (on some occasions)
  • We can also transport Seafarers to get vaccinated

E-Mail Doreen Badeaux at for more information