Maritime Day












33rd National Maritime Day

Friday, May 20th 2022

The Port Arthur International Seafarers’ Center

is proud to host the

National Maritime Day Observance


Seafarer Welfare is More Than Driving to WalMart!


In 1998 the crew of the M/V Delta Pride was abandoned outside the Port of Brownsville, through the efforts of the Brownsville Pilots and the Sabine-Nevhes Maritime Industry, the Port Arthur International Seafarers’ Center was able to assist the crew. In 2018, our seafarer center was able to assist a US Merchant Mariner, who was abandoned by his foreign flag ship operator. Come and hear about the great stories…and more.

Thanks to our Generous Sponsors:

  • The Port of Port Arthur

  • Propeller Club

  • Sabine Pilots

R/S Sentenal

Event One:

National Maritime Day Observance

10:00 am




Seamen’s Memorial Sundial
1100 4th Street
Port Arthur Texas


Event Two:

National Maritime Day Lunch
[Provided by Port of Port Arthur]

11:30 am

20th Anniversary of
M/V Delta Pride & R/S Sintenal

Seafarers’ Center
401 Houston Street
Port Arthur Texas


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Vaccinations for Seafarers

  • Depending on the ship's berthing facility:
  • We can bring a Medical Team to their ship (on some occasions)
  • We can also transport Seafarers to get vaccinated

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