Services in Port Arthur


Offering welcome and hospitality in the day or two that seafarers are in port.



Transportation is available to pick seafarers up from our local docks and transport them to the seafarers’ center or to our local stores or area restaurants. These include Walmart, Best Buy, Central Mall, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chili’s, and much more.


A limited supply of goods is located for purchase in the Center, In addtion, seafarers can arrange for transportation to local shopping malls and stores.


The seafarers’ center officers telephones, free WiFi and internet access, SIM and phone cards for the seafaer to¬†communicate back home or elesewhere. Webcams and other technolgy enable seafarers to see as well as hear their loved ones.


PAISC is a distributor for American Merchant Marine Library Association. This makes us one of the “Floating Libraries of the Sea” with reading available for check out.


The Seafarers’ Center has an ecumenical chapel that is available for Catholic Mass and other Christian services. A chaplain also is available for spiritual counseling. The chaplain can coordinate services on-board, or arrange attendance at local religious services. The Center’s staff can help in seafarer advocacy when seafarers are experiencing wage, repatriation, or safety issues.